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Destination Services

İMEX Moving provide a wide range of destination services for the international assignee, wherever they are located in the world.

Our destination services are flexible. We assess our client's specific requirements and then provide a tailored package to suit the HR department, the assignee, and of course the budget. It’s entirely up to our customers which services are selected and if they work in conjunction with other aspects of the relocation such as the international removal.

Home Rental Search

Whether your assignee is looking for a family home near to schools or a downtown apartment close to the office, the home search will find exactly the right property. Our consultant researches suitable properties, takes the assignee on a guided tour and secures the preferred property.

School Search

Expert local advice is provided on schooling options, ranging from day-nursery right through to further education. Viewing appointments are arranged and can be accompanied if required. Our service also offers help with documentation and admission requirements.

Orientation Tour

Our consultant provides an escorted tour of local neighbourhoods, amenities, transport links and recreational facilities for a close-up overview of the new/proposed location. With local knowledge of the area, our consultant is free to answer any questions or queries.

Settling In

Amid the rush of moving home and settling into a new job, it’s easy to forget that simple tasks like getting cash from an ATM or buying groceries at the supermarket can become challenging. We provide assistance with the setting up of bank account(s), driving licence(s), car rental, insurances, utilities connections, local health registration & membership(s).

Cultural Training

A new country can often mean a new culture and a new way of living. In order to avoid cultural mishaps that can be embarrassing for the assignee and costly for the company, we provide cultural training for the assignee and family on all social and business cultural practices in their new country.

Spouse Support

Moving to a new location can be extremely challenging for any spouse or partner. Therefore we offer information workshops for spouses, packed with information and experience designed to reassure and advise the partner on the best approach to enjoy a fulfilling stay.

Furniture Rental

In order to fill the void before the delivery of a household removal, we can arrange furniture rental for all home sizes. The service includes the delivery and collection of all furniture to most worldwide cities. Minimum rental period often applies.

Temporary Accommodation

Using our preferred partner network, we research, source and secure short term corporate / serviced accommodations for periods generally not exceeding 3 months.

Departure Services

Assistance in terminating a home rental lease, negotiation for the return of security deposit, disconnection / discontinuation of utilities and services, home cleaning and more.

Property Management

A single-point-of-contact consultant pays all monthly outgoings like rental, furniture, utilities, cleaning and can deal with all property related matters such as maintenance, renewals and termination. A regular monthly spend report is provided.

Plus, Professional and Management Services

Tax and Immigration

If your tax and immigration services are not already covered, we can refer you to the very best professional service organisations providing global tax, payroll and immigration services.

HR Management Reporting

İMEX Moving offer tailored management reports for clients that require regular reporting; providing an overview of assignee movement, services rendered, costs involved and frequency of relocation.

Expense Management

Every single relocation creates a financial trail that needs to be controlled, paid, allocated and reported, and most accounts systems aren’t ready to manage this. Our expense management service allows you to control this complex trail and ensure compliance by tracking and paying all assignee expenses. All currencies are covered.