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Client Advisory Services

İMEX Moving’s service is not just limited to the international movement of household goods from A to B or services at destination to help employees and families settle. It begins before and ends a long way after this.

1. Listen & Learn
We listen to our customers to establish their current market position, corporate culture, current service provision (if any), relocation objectives, relocation breadth, employee requirements and expected areas of growth. Only by understanding these areas can we begin to offer relevant advice.

2. Process Review & Design
We analyse existing processes, plus internal roles and responsibilities, and provide recommendations that provide cost and/or service improvements. We identify areas of potential risk, whether that relates to billing, services or operational procedures in a particular country or region. We submit relevant pricing and service information to support our client’s plans.

3. Policy Review
Our experienced team helps with the formulation and update of client Policy if required, and can assist with many of the pricing, data and statistical questions that may arise as our customers review their global offices in more detail. Our approach is to ensure the policy is in line with company culture, business drivers, internal talent pool and industry sector. Tailored to each of our customers.

4. Implementation
We bring the key stakeholders together: global and regional HR, İMEX Moving, local consultants and employees if needed. We outline the process and policy elements that have been agreed with our client, to encourage dialogue and the subsequent identification and ironing out of any flaws or discrepancies. The implementation plan timeframe is shared with all parties. At implementation stage, İMEX Moving uses its vast experience in supporting new location office set ups, conducting extensive due diligence to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

5. Continuous Improvement
İMEX Moving is committed to long term client relationships and this means we treat continuous improvement as a fundamental part of our client consultation service. Our work is not complete when we receive our first initiation. Rather, it’s the start. Our quality management team monitors all relocations that we handle, and in the event of a service issue or failure, we react speedily and sympathetically. As part of our continuous improvement we conduct regular market reviews and if there any changes that may affect our client or their region, we share it. We also provide on-site training for our clients. We welcome them to our London HQ to see how our operation functions and how our teams work - this includes desk-side opportunities for our clients.